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Accident Management vs Insurance Company

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Were you recently involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? If so, you may believe that you need to use your insurance company to make a claim. Even though you have a legal obligation to report a claim to your insurer, you do not have to use their services following an accident. There are alternative options. You may benefit more from using an accident management company Manchester.

What do accident management companies do?

  • They gather all the details of the accident with a 24/7 incident report.
  • They provide an accurate and unbiased damage assessment on your vehicle.
  • They handle the repairs and recovery of your vehicle.
  • They provide replacement vehicles.
  • They deal with any legal fallout from the accident.
  • They examine the injuries you may have and represents you for the legal case.
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The benefits of using an accident management company instead of insurance:

Makes the process easy

It can be quite difficult to know where to start when you decide to pursue a claim without professional assistance. Accident management companies know the exact process of lodging your claim, what paperwork is required, and the timetable you need to work to. This makes lodging your claim easier. They should also be able to answer any questions you have and offer car accident claim advice.

Eliminate the stress

Accident management companies can eliminate the stress of dealing with the aftermath of an accident that wasn’t your fault. Knowing that a professional is dealing with the whole claim on your behalf and cutting out the need for your insurance company to be involved can give you peace of mind.

Replacement vehicles

Along with making the process easier and stress-free, accident management companies will usually provide you with temporary accident replacement vehicles Manchester. This is beneficial for those who have damaged their cars during a car accident and are waiting for it to be fixed. Furthermore, enabling you to get on with your normal day-to-day routine after an accident.

No claims policy

Using an accident management company instead of your insurer means you do not have to claim on your insurance policy. Therefore, you don’t have to pay your excess before your vehicle is repaired and your no-claims discount should not be affected. Please note that you still need to tell your insurer you’ve had an accident for ‘information purposes only’.

damaged car being collected from scene after a car crash

The benefits you get from using an accident management company far out way those you would get if you used your insurance company. Being in an accident can be very stressful, especially if you need to claim any money lost. Accident management companies allow you to get on with your day-to-day life while they sort out your claim from start to finish. They will also keep you in the loop and answer any questions you may have about your claim.Claimsline are an accident management company in Manchester that always put its clients first.

  1. No more excess payments
  2. No losing your no-claims bonus
  3. Quick replacement and repairs

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